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From Farm to Bottle

Dry Fly Vodka

It was 11 years ago that Dry Fly Distilling introduced itself to Spokane and not before long, the world. And the inspiration began with a fishing trip.

While Don Poffenroth was entertaining clients on the Gallatin River in Montana, the group drinking high-end vodka, he began to contemplate whether the glass in hand was truly the best vodka the world had to offer. His response: No. It was at that moment that the inspiration behind Dry Fly Distilling was born.

“The name Dry Fly not only recalled the original inspiration but also captured the beauty of the Northwest and the qualities that fly fishing requires—patience, persistence, presentation and perfection; the same qualities required to produce and market fine spirits,” says co-owner Terry Nichols.

At that time, there was no craft distillers license in Washington state, so Don, with local senator Chris Marr, drafted a piece of legislation that would allow for the creation of a craft distillers license, as long as the producer used a high percentage of Washington-grown ingredients in the manufacturing process.

Today, owners Don, Terry, Ralph Quinsey and Patrick Donovan continue to utilize 99 percent Washington-grown ingredients—from family owned farms within approximately 30 miles of the distillery—for their products.

Dry Fly was the first distillery in Washington state and among the first 25 in the country!

At its inception, Dry Fly Distilling produced two products—their superb high-quality vodka (of course!) and gin. More than a decade later, the distillery produces a wide range of spirits, vodka, gin and a line of whiskies that are amongst the best in the world and distributed throughout the world.

At the 2018 Whiskies of the World event, Dry Fly Distilling was a three-time gold recipient and a silver recipient.

“We are currently in the planning stages for an expansion of our capacity to support growth in both our domestic and international markets,” says Terry. “We see a continual increase in whiskey quality as our barrel inventories gracefully age in the warehouse—6-year-old wheat whiskey tasted from the barrel is nothing short of epic! We would ultimately like to be recognized as one of the highest quality whiskey producers in the world.”

Thanks to the addition of the Dry Fly Tasting Room in 2017, the visitor experience has been greatly enhanced. Serving some of the finest craft cocktails in the region and offering retail bottle sales, the Tasting Room’s inviting space is also ideal for meetings and parties. If you are looking for a location to host your private event, the Tasting Room is available for nonprofit functions, company meetings, birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, anniversary celebrations and more.

When it comes to what Don, Terry, Ralph and Patrick are most proud of when it comes to Dry Fly, it is the high-quality products they continue to produce all while supporting local farmers and connecting with their employees, community, customers and fans, and the nonprofit community.

Terry credits the above, in addition to the foresight of founder Don and their distributers and retail partners, for Dry Fly’s continued success over the years.

Patience, persistence, presentation and perfection. With the uncompromising commitment to quality and values, taste and discover excellence embodied in each bottle.

Dry Fly Distilling

Spokane, Washington

1003 E. Trent, Suite 200


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