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What’s Trending in 2023

Top 10 interior design and décor trends for your home By Christian Weaner

Whats Trending

Much like the human body, which is made up of many parts working together for the health and sustainability of the whole being, each room inside a home has a unique purpose that adds to the overall ambiance and livability of the space.

With the careful consideration of an interior designer, the tasteful eye of a home decorator or even just some simple DIY spirit, a house can be transformed into a home. A living room can become a restful sanctuary, a kitchen can morph into a studio for culinary creativity, and an entryway can engage guests with an eye-catching color display.

One recent study from the University of Nebraska even suggests that interior designers can positively impact the value of a home when they are involved in the planning and construction process.

Whether you are preparing to build your dream home or looking to add some flair to your current décor, here are a few new interior design trends that experts believe will impress in 2023.

I. Nature-inspired spaces. The biophilic design trends that have grown in popularity in recent years are here to stay. At least, that is what interior designer Sarah Barnard says. "For many, nature brings a sense of comfort and a feeling of connection to the world beyond their homes," Barnard told The Spruce. "After the stressors of the last few years, comfort and connection are a priority for many, and nature seems like a logical place to turn."

Consider bringing the outdoors into your home this year by adding some warm wood tones, like bamboo or rattan, and using fresh-cut flowers and branches to add color.

II. Dark and textured countertops. If you are tired of those little fingerprints and water spots constantly showing up on your shiny countertops or just want to make a statement with your kitchen décor, 2023 might be the year to jump on the textured countertop bandwagon. Especially when paired with light-colored cabinets, dark and textured countertops will make a kitchen pop and provide an earthy and approachable look.

Also, switching to textured countertops is another great way to give your kitchen a more natural look that will add a deeper sense of serenity to your home.

III. Well-organized spaces. Possibly nothing in a home can be more relaxing and satisfying than a space that is organized well. That is why interior designers believe that there will be a greater appreciation for home organization this year.

“What people have, they want to be well-organized,” design expert Gena Kirk said in an article for The Spruce. “We're seeing a lot less desire for open shelving—that was a very big trend for a really long time—and glass front doors. We're seeing customers who want to close things up and organize them well.”

Using popular TV shows like Netflix's Get Organized with The Home Edit as a foundation, homeowners should look for creative ways to organize their spaces and reduce stress levels.

IV. Well-lit spaces. One of the most influential elements that can completely change the way a room is perceived is lighting. In fact, according to one roofing expert, the benefits of a well-lit home include improved sleep, less eye strain, and enhanced mood.

Light up your home this year by moving furniture to avoid blocking windows or purchasing lamps and light fixtures that will illuminate each room more thoroughly. Improving the lighting of each room in your house is a small but simple way to greatly increase its livability and homeyness.

V. Meaningful objects; family heirlooms. Every room in your home has its own unique purpose, and with the right décor, it can have its own story as well. One way to help your family connect with its heritage and feel at home in your space is by decorating each room with meaningful objects. Whether it’s your great-grandmother's china cabinet, an antique picture frame, or some glass milk jugs from your parents, tastefully placing these items throughout your home is a great way to honor the past while brightening the present.

VI. Wine displays and home bars. Want to impress your friends with your signature wine collection while making a new splash in your home décor? Or does that inner bartender come out when you host your family for game night? Either way, a new trend to consider this year might be incorporating a wine display in your dining room or putting in that home bar you have always dreamed of.

As interior designer Jeff Andrews told House Beautiful, homeowners are moving away from wine cellars and are instead making their collections look more like an art installation in the home.

If you are an alcohol or wine connoisseur or enjoy serving drinks to your guests, this interior design trend could be right for you.

VII. Eye-catching marble. A great way to really grab people's attention and make a statement with your home's interior design is by incorporating stone designs, like a bold, eye-catching marble display. The most unique thing about this trend is that marble can be used for so much more than just your traditional countertops.

“We’re doing baths in it," interior designer Tiffany Howell said in a Who What Wear article. "We’re fabricating tables in it. It’s a luxury well spent. It can stand alone and be its own art piece. If you have a beautiful marble table in a room, everyone’s just going to focus on that and be obsessed with that.”

VIII. Self-care emphasis. Mental, emotional and physical wellness is extremely important in the tumultuous world that we live in, which is why interior designers are seeing a continued push for homes that promote these types of self-care practices. Bring nature indoors by incorporating fresh plants and flowers; choose a scent that calms you, and arrange candles with that fragrance throughout the house; display or hang artwork, whether sculptures or paintings, that bring back happy memories and uplift your mood.

In 2023, consider how you might adapt one or more rooms in your home to make for a more welcoming and relaxing environment for your family.

IX. Coffee outside the kitchen. Coffee addicts, this one's for you. Who said your coffee pot could only be relegated to the kitchen? A fun and unique interior design trend this year is tucking away those coffee nooks in spaces and places not traditionally used for brewing your favorite warm beverage.

Why not set up a coffee station in your office or home theater? Even better, make waking up a bit easier by elegantly placing a coffee cart in your bedroom. Get creative with this one! And most importantly, keep consuming the caffeine you love.

X. Remarkable rugs. One of the simplest ways to spice up the interior design of your home in 2023 is by purchasing a fanciful rug that will make your space stand out.

Patterned rugs catch your eye and can go a long way in helping to layer the furniture and decorations in a room.

You could put down a simple rug to be a sort of base coat in which to layer other items over. Or you could go big and pick out that statement rug that is sure to be a conversation starter for your guests. Whatever your style is, a comfortable rug can add a lot to the décor of your home.

Whether you choose to take note of these design and décor trends, or find some of your own, there's no time like the present to make your house truly feel like home.

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