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LiteFeet Dance Competition at Nashville North

Get ready to show off your best swing, team line and individual line-dancing skills this Saturday at the Nashville North! Trophies and cash prizes are available for grabs at the competition beginning at noon at State Line’s popular venue. Litefeet, a local dance company promoting connection through fitness, friendship and fun, provide the Nashville North’s regular dance classes and will be sponsoring the competition this Saturday.

Participants are encouraged to bring a partner, a squad, or simply themselves to compete. The individual line-dancing portion will consist of multiple heats of individual competitors dancing to pre-released choreography, while team line dancing will consist of three to nine dancers competing together, using music and choreography of their own.

The Nashville North will be open to the public on its regular schedule following the competition, starting at 6pm, with dance lessons beginning at 7:30pm, and cover charges beginning at 8, for those ready to dance later into the night.

Event: Saturday, May 22, Noon to 6pm

Visit to learn more.

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