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Distillers Step Up in Time of Need

Community always comes first

By Colin Anderson

Dry Fly Distilling is well-known across the Inland Northwest. In fact, it was one of the first 25 craft distilleries in the nation when it opened its doors in 2007, and the very first in Washington state post-prohibition. Its gin, vodka and whiskeys have racked up regional and national awards, but Don Poffenroth and Terry Nichols’ best work might just be something they likely never dreamed of distilling.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, like so many others, Dry Fly was forced to shutter its tasting room to guests, but its commitment to the local community wouldn’t stop. Dry Fly stepped up to help the surrounding community by using its alcohol to create ‘Spokanitizer.’ Not only did the distillery break from creating its award-winning spirits, but the newly created hand sanitizer was given out for free to individuals as well as bulk quantities to the Spokane Country Emergency Response Center to be distributed to first responders and health and safety workers all across the region. This act of generosity won’t soon be forgotten.

Initially known for vodka, gin and wheat whiskey, Dry Fly’s variety and selection has grown tremendously. As consumers not just in the region but across the country demand a better spirit, Dry Fly was ready to lead the way. “A 6-year-old Triticale, a 6-year-old Port Barrel-Aged Triticale and a DOMA Coffee Barrel-Finished Triticale are now available as distillery-only features,” says Terry.

A trip to the tasting room is a real treat for those who haven’t yet stopped by. Here you can sample vodka, gin, barrel-aged gin, bourbon and multiple whiskeys aged anywhere from three to 11 years. Those who prefer their spirits in the form of a cocktail can also have their samples made into miniature versions by the friendly staff who are experts at blending the spirits made just steps from the tasting room. Even better, you are supporting local farmers with each sip. “The distillery gets everything, save their juniper berries, from within an hour drive of its Spokane operation, creating a true representation of the Northwest,” says Terry.

As the demand for alternative drinks and on-the-go options continues to increase, Dry Fly has added to its offerings with canned craft cocktails. Dry Fly uses its quality ingredients, along with premium craft cocktail syrups from Side Hustle Syrups, to produce their on-the-fly cocktails like Moscow Mule, Gin & Tonic and the especially popular Spicy Lemonade. This summer will see a Huckleberry Lemonade added to the lineup! You can pick these up at the tasting room and at local retailers.

Producing high-quality products while supporting local farmers, connecting with their employees, community, customers and fans, as well as supporting local nonprofit organizations are what make Dry Fly stand out in the emerging craft spirits market.

Patience, persistence, presentation and perfection. With the uncompromising commitment to quality and values, taste and discover excellence embodied in each bottle.

Dry Fly Distilling

1003 E. Trent Ave., Suite 200

Spokane, Washington


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