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Blessed and Grateful

Editor’s Note

Each time I sit down to write my editor’s note, I can’t help but reiterate, and emphasize, how truly blessed those who call the Inland Northwest home truly are. It’s a paradise that many of us have known about for years—and one that has been more recently discovered by those all over the country who have made the move to North Idaho and the Spokane area.

Though we may notice more traffic and road work, and yes, a lot more building, we should remember that most everyone here—those born here and those new—want to enjoy the same simple pleasures: the beauty of the mountains and prairies, the lakes and rivers, the ample outdoor opportunities that await out one’s doorstep. It’s quieter here, bringing a sense of peace in an otherwise tumultuous world.

In each issue of REAL Northwest Living, it is important for us to share just a glimpse of the beauty that resides here. We are honored to serve our communities and share stories about the people, the places, the arts, entertainment and events—and much more!

To those who live here, you already know how special it is here. For those visiting, we hope you enjoy this place we all live, work and play, and as you look around you, or flip through the pages of our latest edition of REAL, you recognize the blessings that surround us all each and every day.

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