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The Elk Public House

The Elk Public House

In 1999, Spokane was treated to the opening of the Elk Public House in the Historic Browne’s Addition. Based on the idea of a traditional English public house, such as its sister restaurant Moon Time that opened in 1996 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, it quickly became a Spokane favorite. Walking into this pub, you will notice the diversity of its patrons, defining the nature of the term public house: an 85-year-old couple seated near a 21-year-old who’s sitting across from a group of businessmen. Consistently good food and atmosphere along with friendly service and menu items offered at a reasonable price, these things appeal to everybody, no matter what their age or financial status. The establishment offers a comfortable and inviting welcome-to-my-house environment, which is laid back, not pretentious. What keeps people coming back for more you ask? The traditional Reuben, thanks to the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show, which featured the Elk back in 2010. Two more customer and staff favorites are the Sante Fe chicken sandwich and Mediterranean grilled lamb sandwich. The legendary roasted corn pasta is a must-have accompaniment. People from all over Spokane have been coming to the Elk to enjoy their delicious pub fare. In 2008, the owners opened the Two Seven Public House in Lincoln Heights on the South Hill. Their El Que, just behind The Elk, opened December 2009, and serves unique Mexican fare accompanied by more than 70 delicious tequilas. Most recently in 2014, the group opened Geno’s Traditional Food and Ales near Gonzaga University in the Logan Neighborhood. Those living nearby are the first to enjoy their delicious brand of menu items accompanied by French fries, which are not offered at any of their other restaurant locations. The owners credit consistency, without overextending themselves, to their restaurant success. Having three owners among a total of six establishments, including the Porch Public House in Hayden, Idaho, they are able to each focus on particular aspects of the restaurants. John, Brad and Marshall are all equally involved and spend a lot of time in the restaurants ensuring everything is running smoothly and continuing in the right direction. They don’t get too caught up in little details, but focus on the big picture, offering quality food served in the spirit of a comforting gathering place. Their common philosophy behind the food is to make it from scratch, price it affordably and serve it with a smile.

The Elk Public House

West Side

1931 W. Pacific Ave.


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