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Two is Better than One

Local restaurants offer the ideal space for community to gather By Jillian Chandler | Photo by Annie Zasadny Photography

Versalia Pizza

Laura and Seth Carey have been serving the Kendall Yards neighborhood through their family restaurant, Versalia Pizza (formerly Veraci), since 2014. Over the years, the restaurant has maintained a strong, loyal following as a place for the community to not just grab a bite to eat but to gather and enjoy one another’s company. So, when the right opportunity presented itself to open a second location, the Careys were eager to move forward.

“We’re blessed to be able to bring what we’ve established and fostered in Kendall Yards to Liberty Lake,” shares Laura. “Seth and I are very loyal to Liberty Lake because we started at the Liberty Lake Farmers Market with our mobile oven back in 2009 and have long-standing relationships with customers there.”

It was at that market where Laura and Seth would meet Joe Frank of Greenstone, who would sell them the idea of opening a restaurant in Liberty Lake. (His father, Jim Frank, had sold the couple on opening their Kendall Yards location.) Already immersed in the community, the location in the River District—next to Orchard Park and in the heart of a residential neighborhood within walking distance, while still easily accessible to everyone—was an ideal situation for the Careys.

Versalia Pizza opened in Liberty Lake in January of 2022. The earthy and bright space seats approximately 50 patrons inside and offers a large seasonal outdoor patio—perfect during the summer and into the fall season. The style of service is a bit different from its Kendall Yards’ location, as customers place their order at the counter, receive a number, and the staff will bring the food to the guest. Guests will enjoy the same flavorful thin-crust pizza as its sister location, along with a variety of appetizers and salads, brews and wine.

They also introduced their Mug Club, with the hope it too would foster community building within the space. And to their surprise, their Mug Club has been a huge success, selling out of mugs within the first few days of introducing it!

“The neighborhood has been exceptionally welcoming to us,” shares Laura.

They have plans to bring live music to their Liberty Lake patio periodically throughout the summer months for patrons to enjoy. Laura adds, “We’re excited for the Wednesday Night Market in Kendall Yards, running through September, along with more live music coming to the updated Nest in Kendall Yards.”

When looking for a cool, inviting atmosphere to sit and enjoy a great meal, Versalia Pizza in Liberty Lake or Kendall Yards is the place to go.

“More than anything, we’re a place for community, not just a place to eat,” smiles Laura.

Versalia Pizza

Kendall Yards 1333 W. Summit Pkwy

Spokane, WA 509.389.0029

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