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Fulton Quality Construction Constructing Enduring Legacies

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Fulton Quality Construction

Fulton Quality Construction's vision for timeless building in the Inland Northwest Courtesy of Rob Fulton, Co-Owner of Fulton Quality Construction

At Fulton Quality Construction, our commitment to excellence goes beyond construction—it's about creating homes and commercial spaces that stand the test of time. Our Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) building method is a testament to our dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction.

Prioritizing Your Needs: Clients and Employees at the Forefront Our philosophy revolves around putting clients and employees first. “Putting clients and employees as a top priority” is not just a motto—it's a guiding principle. We want to ensure that every dollar you invest is reflected in the value and longevity of your structure. Our focus is on creating living spaces that resonate with quality, providing a haven for generations to come.

Decades of Combined Expertise: A Team Effort With a leadership team boasting a collective 95 years of experience, and a total team experience of 161 years (excluding office staff), Fulton Quality Construction brings a wealth of knowledge to every project. Our team's dedication to learning from failures and staying ahead of industry trends ensures that we provide not just buildings but enduring legacies.

Efficiency Without Compromise: A Balanced Approach At Fulton Quality Construction, we understand the importance of efficiency without compromising on quality. Our belief in "Quality Doesn’t Cost … It Pays" drives us to find ways to reduce costs without sacrificing the excellence you deserve. We aim to build structures that not only look good but also withstand the test of time, ensuring lasting value for your investment. We hold all parties involved in a project accountable. We have a great understanding of other tradesmen / subcontractors who have similar values and the ability to meet a project's needs and budget.

Attention to Detail: Craftsmanship Every Step of the Way Every material used in our projects undergoes rigorous inspection to meet our high standards for quality and soundness. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that each layer of the build is crafted with care and precision. From prefabricated steel structures and steel studs and joists, to concrete, ICF, wood framed to log, each building type, placement and location being used requires a different system being implemented (building envelope) to get the most out of your project. You can trust that, from foundation to finishing touches, Fulton Quality Construction is dedicated to using only the best products and craftsmanship.

Building Dreams, Building Futures Fulton Quality Construction's Insulated Concrete Form building method is about more than construction; it's about crafting enduring legacies for families and business owners throughout the Inland Northwest. In a region with unique weather challenges, our approach ensures that each structure we build is not just a shelter but a symbol of quality and longevity.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the best possible homes or businesses. Whether it's custom green-built residential, industrial, commercial, or any combination of the three, most everything we do is custom and designed per location and to best suit our customers' needs. We offer consultation, design and build solutions for our customers. And we have the history and reputation to back our word with.

We are honored to have been voted Best Construction Company, Commercial Builder, Custom Home Builder and Residential Home Builder by the Bonners Ferry Herald in 2023.

For those seeking homes and commercial buildings that stand as timeless symbols, Fulton Quality Construction is the trusted partner, weaving dreams into the very fabric of our region's architecture. Fulton Quality Construction 315 Bench Rd. Bonners Ferry, ID 208.267-9086

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