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Experience the Flavors of the Inland Northwest

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Where creativity and flavor flourish

By Jillian Chandler

Here in the Inland Northwest, once the sun comes out, the skies clear up and the warmer weather sets in, it makes it that much easier to escape the mundane and explore the many flavors that can be found here at home.

Though you may have your favorites that can be found just out your doorstep in your own neighborhood, you might want to try to make it a point to venture out a bit further to see what other chefs in the area are bringing to the table.

Throughout North Idaho and Spokane, there are hundreds of unique locally owned dining destinations ready to serve you, with your favorite national chains peppered throughout. Locals and visitors alike are sure to find everything from the comforts of home to unexplored flavors you would only expect to find halfway around the world.

From menus that reflect our culture here in the Northwest, with a focus on supporting local farmers and purveyors, to good old American, Southern, Cajun and French, to Italian, Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese and Japanese … the options are endless!

Whether you choose to dine in, take out or order to-go, you can expect to enjoy some incredible food made by passionate cooks and chefs, served up by experienced staff. And, as always, remember to show your service-industry workers some grace. As worker shortages continue throughout the area, affecting many of our beloved restaurants, those who are in the kitchen, and on the floor, are continuing to work hard to ensure each guest walks away having enjoyed a pleasant, satisfying—and in many cases, exceptional—dining experience.

In addition to the many dining options, you can’t think of enjoying a meal out without accompanying it with a glass of wine, cold brew or cider, or craft cocktail. With dozens of wineries, breweries, distilleries and cider houses scattered across the region, chefs take full advantage, offering drink menus featuring these local producers, as well as even incorporating them into their dishes.

Whether you are looking for that laid-back casual restaurant with a homey feel, or that unmatched fine-dining experience, you’ll find just the restaurant you are looking for.

Take a seat at one of our area’s prized restaurants, and explore the creativity and flavors that await. One-of-a-kind culinary experiences are ready to be discovered.

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