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American Institute of Clinical Massage

American Institute of Clinical Massage

Lydia Benson is leading the team of remarkable educators and administrators at the American Institute of Clinical Massage in Post Falls. A 1999 AiCM graduate, she was hired as a pathology instructor in 2010 and also taught kinesiology. In December 2013, she became director and currently operates the ACCSC Accredited Massage Therapy Certification Program, where students practice their hands-on skills in a supervised clinical setting on campus and offer discounted rates to the public. Here, Lydia dedicates her time to ensure the program is achieving—and exceeding—the demand for qualified massage therapists.

The Washington and Idaho approved 785-hour program is completed in 12 months. AiCM currently has 26 students enrolled with a new class starting in July. The school is located on the lower level of the beautiful Highlands building in Post Falls, Idaho. AiCM offers multiple financial options for the student to graduate debt free!

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the massage therapy field is projected to grow at an astounding rate of 22 percent until the year 2024. Now is the perfect time to start training to become a licensed massage therapist. Since June 2015, AiCM’s recorded Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) rates are 100 percent, meaning not one student has failed the licensing exam in the last two years.

The student population at AiCM is between the ages of 18 and 60 and encompasses an array of students; those who are coming right out of high school to seasoned business people who desire a career change. The school enrolls professionals already in medical-related fields who want to add massage therapy to their current resume, such as personal trainers and nurses.

“We have a lovely blend of people, male and female, who are here to learn a trade and be able to work almost anywhere,” says Lydia.

Students not only learn to perform a very solid massage, but they will also have achieved the academic and occupational skills necessary to work in various health-care settings including chiropractic offices, physical therapy offices, resorts, spas and private practice.

“The personal growth that happens for each student during the year at our school is tangible and magnificent to be a part of,” says Lydia.

American Institute of Clinical Massage

Post Falls

4365 Inverness Dr.


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