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Dine with Dry Fly

New location offers immersive experience By Colin Anderson | Photo Courtesy of Dry Fly Distilling

Dry Fly Montana

Dry Fly Distilling is known for its award-winning spirits and canned craft cocktails. It’s also become a pillar in the community when it comes to lending a hand. Dry Fly was recently recognized with a philanthropic award for its work at the onset of the pandemic, delivering 30,000 gallons of donated house-made sanitizer throughout the Inland Northwest. “I will say this about the sanitizer, it was a time of great uncertainty and people were scared. We were uniquely positioned to help, and so that decision was easy, but there is no way we could have pulled it off without all the help we got from the community,” explains Co-Owner Terry Nichols. “It was really a community effort from the great community we live in, and that is why giving back is important to us. This is our home; we care about the people that live here.”

Indeed, Dry Fly supports many community organizations and prefers to keep most donations under the radar so as not to distract from each organization’s mission within the community. The company’s commitment to not just the local community but building a superior product has allowed Dry Fly to grow from “the local distillery” to having a massive regional footprint and being available in 40 states. “There are still 10 states left on the board, but I feel like we are doing a good job of setting the base for future growth,” Terry smiles.

While the expansion of the on-the-go craft cocktail line and the popularity of its well-established products are exciting, settling into a new facility in downtown Spokane is by far the most exciting thing happening at Dry Fly. Now open seven days a week, the new headquarters, located on Riverside Avenue, offer an expanded bottle shop and merchandise area, unique restaurant and bar, and a one-of-a-kind event space. “The event space is the best space in the whole building—awesome views across the production area and a really cool bar,” says Terry.

Guests can see the new production line up close, and it is massive in comparison to Dry Fly’s original setup. This allows them to distill much larger quantities, and high-speed bottling and canning equipment is also up and running to meet high demand. While it’s a bigger and faster operation, don’t think for a second that Dry Fly is cutting any corners on quality ingredients and methods.

“There is great attention to every detail, from the raw ingredients to the cuts made along the way in the distillation process, to the barrel aging. Everything is done with painstaking care to ensure the highest quality,” affirms Terry. “Our VP of Operations and Head Distiller Patrick Donovan agonizes over every detail; it is what makes him the best at his craft. We are very lucky to have him, and the awards and accolades reinforce that.”

Be on the lookout for new Whiskey and Coffee canned cocktails in 2022. A Coffee Whiskey, Port Barrel Aged Triticale and aged Wheat Whiskey are now all available at the tasting room. For dinner, try the Gin Steamed Clams, Chimichurri Steak and Salmon, as well as a range of flatbreads, salads, burgers and appetizers.

Whether you’re looking to grab a bottle to go, a fun night out, or a company party, Dry Fly has you covered.

Dry Fly Distilling

1021 W. Riverside Ave.

Spokane, WA


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