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Body Beautiful

Top non-invasive body sculpting and contouring treatments for your aesthetic goals By Taylor Shillam

Body Beautiful

When you’ve worked hard at sculpting and defining your body shape but are looking for next-level results, it may be time to consider something new. Aesthetic body-sculpting treatments can supplement a healthy lifestyle incorporating non-invasive, quick treatments to enhance muscle definition and produce beautifully sculpted results.

Today, there are more ways to sculpt, smooth and shape the body than ever before, thanks to these advanced, non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Toning, tightening, firming and smoothing areas of the body—that are hardest to target with nutrition and exercise alone—is made possible and can now work even faster, thanks to a unique, modern selection of body-sculpting technologies.

Body sculpting, or body contouring, is the newest addition to the field of aesthetic medicine, with multiple treatment options that have emerged to deliver benefits that can be similar to liposuction but allow patients to skip uncomfortable incisions, anesthesia, or unwanted recovery time following the procedure. Instead, these procedures make it easier to achieve aesthetic goals with clinically proven (and approved) processes like electromagnetic energy, enhanced muscle contraction, and temperature control in shorter, more non-invasive treatment sessions.

Non-surgical body contouring treatments can help patients achieve their goals faster by sculpting and firming the skin while banishing fat cells and smoothing unwanted bulge. Patients who undergo body-sculpting procedures often experience muscle sculpting, fat loss, lifting and toning, and redefinition in key areas of the body, including some that are most difficult to target with nutrition and exercise. Treatment sessions are often quick, and many body-sculpting methods only require a handful of sessions to produce long-lasting results.

Some of today’s top body-sculpting procedures include CoolSculpting, EmSculpt and SculpSure.

CoolSculpting uses extremely cold temperatures to freeze and remove fat deposits of areas of the body that are often difficult to target with exercise and nutrition, including the abdomen, beneath the bra line, the chin, and inner and outer thighs. It uses a device that performs controlled cooling in the desired areas, eventually destroying and flushing fat cells from the body for good.

Results from the FDA-approved CoolSculpting method are typically reached after one to three sessions, with gradual improvement occurring over several months and producing long-term results.

The SculpSure procedure also uses temperature-based body contouring but instead targets multiple areas of stubborn fat at the same time with laser heat that can dissolve fat in the desired places.

SculpSure is typically recommended for simply toning, shaping, and emphasizing the muscles. With sessions lasting around 25 minutes, SculpSure results typically take about 12 weeks to become fully revealed.

EmSculpt is a popular new technology that uses electromagnetic energy-focused treatment designed to boost muscle density. It focuses on muscle toning, taking the place of thousands of sit-ups or lunges in a short session by triggering supramaximal muscle contractions—contractions that cannot be achieved by voluntary muscle movement.

Patients often feel sore after EmSculpt sessions, like they would if they completed a rigorous workout! The best results are often seen after six to eight sessions with EmSculpt.

The EmSculpt Neo, an advanced version of EmSculpt technology, blends in radio frequency fat heating with muscle-building effects. With its ability to produce high levels of muscle contractions, EmSculpt Neo helps patients simultaneously increase fat loss and muscle gain. It’s also known to provide muscle definition in hard-to-uncover areas, including revealing the coveted six-pack abs.

The UltraShape Power offers body contouring through a non-thermal ultrasound system that precisely targets and breaks down selected fat cells, most often in the abs and thighs. It offers a gentle, comfortable treatment experience for shaping the body and reducing stored fat. For many, treatment with UltraShape Power takes just three sessions spaced two weeks apart to achieve the desired results.

TruSculpt iD by Cutera is known as a fast, non-invasive fat reduction treatment trusted by aesthetic professionals to treat stubborn fat and tone the muscles in personalized sessions as quick as 15 minutes.

Without necessary surgery or post-treatment downtime, truSculpt iD promises personalized results that can suit different body types, fitness levels, and treatment areas large or small. It works through a combination of applications and technologies including deep dermal heating and abdominal lipolysis.

While they may almost sound too good to be true, these medically approved, highly effective body contouring procedures are taking off in popularity, quickly gathering success stories and endorsements from patients and doctors across the country. With the variety of body contouring tools and procedures available, there isn’t a single “best” or one-size-fits-all procedure. Each treatment works differently for each patient, depending on their current lifestyle, body composition, desired results, and recommendations provided by a medical professional.

EmSculpt is often the top treatment choice for those looking to build their muscles rather than remove fat from the body. Those who are targeting that stubborn, hard-to-reach fat typically select treatments like CoolSculpting, UltraShape and SculpSure.

Although body contouring procedures won't replace the long-term benefits of daily healthy habits like staying active and fueling up on proper nutrition, they are a welcome addition to an already healthy routine that can help you further enhance your results, saving time, energy and frustration that can often arise when targeting stubborn areas of the body.

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